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Hi! I'm Sherri!

Hi! I'm Sherri!

I’ve gone from being a camp counselor to a journalist, newspaper editor, graphic designer and betrayal trauma coach, so I believe that anything is possible as we learn, grow and transform.


I help betrayed women not only survive—but thrive—as they step into their best lives while healing from the soul-crushing pain of sexual betrayal.


In the corporate world, I started out as a freelance journalist for a small local suburban newspaper as I was working toward my Journalism degree in college. I quickly made my way up the ladder to staff writer, news editor and finally managing editor. Because the newspaper was small, I was responsible for the design of all 3 weekly editions. That was my introduction to the world of graphic design, which catapulted me into starting my own graphic design business over 30 years ago. 

I loved having the flexibility to be a full time mom to my daughter, while also being able to pursue my passion for creativity through a career in graphic design.


I’ve always enjoyed helping people. In fact, many of my most treasured (and fun) graphic design projects were labors of love (aka free work) for friends and family. Admittedly it wasn’t the best business model, but it certainly was very gratifying to help create memorable party invitations and party favors for the people I treasured the most.


So how did I make the shift from full time mom and freelance graphic designer to betrayal trauma coach?


The short answer is life happened. I’ve learned that life experience, while excruciatingly painful, can be the greatest teacher and motivator.






In February of 2020 I was completely blindsided when less than 24 hours after our full therapeutic disclosure my then husband of 21 years informed me that he no longer wanted to be married. It’s not that our marriage wasn’t struggling, but I truly believed we were on the path to healing. Our disclosure, which was neither full nor therapeutic, was supposed to be a fresh start that would enable us to finally move forward with truth, transparency and trust. Instead it was the beginning of the end.


Leading up to our disclosure I joined a small coaching group through Bloom for Women, where I gained a wealth of knowledge and education about betrayal trauma, pornography addiction and sexual addiction. More importantly, I found a community filled with the kindest, bravest, most amazing women who offered me support, validation and the connection I so desperately needed. 


Through my work with Bloom I learned I wasn’t crazy. I learned my intuition has always been spot on. And I learned that someone’s compulsive sexual behaviors have nothing to do with their partner not being “good enough”, or anything enough for that matter. Addiction is not a marriage issue. Most importantly, I learned that I wasn’t alone. I leaned on my coach and my small coaching group of women to help get me through the darkest time of my life. 


I am eternally grateful for the education, validation and support I received as I was navigating this painful road. For me the next logical step was to turn my pain into purpose by helping other women heal from the devastating and long lasting effects of betrayal trauma. 


I began coaching for Bloom almost 2 years ago and it has been and continues to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. It’s also helped me see how many betrayed women need a safe, supportive environment to share their stories and connect with others who understand what they’re going through. The best way to do this is in a small group setting. 


This is where you come in. I can help you connect with other women in betrayal who will lift you up and support you when you don’t feel like you have the strength to go on. I can provide a supportive, nurturing and empathic environment where you can be vulnerable, share your story and embrace your recovery by taking the small daily steps that are necessary to heal from something you never should have had to heal from. I would be honored to work with you to help educate, support and validate you through this incredibly lonely and isolating journey.


In my coaching program you will learn there is a clear path you can take to help you heal, survive and even thrive through the ups and downs of betrayal trauma, regardless of whether or not your partner chooses recovery.

"One day you will tell YOUR STORY of how you've overcome what you went through,

and it will become part of SOMEONE ELSE'S SURVIVAL GUIDE."

– Brene Brown

I help women HEAL from the TRAUMA and GRIEF of INFIDELITY or BETRAYAL due to a partner's pornography addiction, sexual addiction or other sexually compulsive behaviors.

I help women HEAL from the TRAUMA and GRIEF of INFIDELITY or BETRAYAL

due to a partner's pornography addiction, sexual addiction or other sexually compulsive behaviors.

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